Katya Zinn

Poet, Author, Educator

Katya Zinn is the self-appointed poet laureate of Chuck E. Cheese, an aspiring woodland creature, and amateur human being.  Winner of the 2019 Selase Williams Art as Social Activism award,1st place in the 2019 Words Aloud poetry contest, and ‘Bestest Teacher in the Universe’ (according to a crayon certificate in her wallet), her work has appeared in Underground, The Merrimack Review, Silver Needle, and Zoetic Press. She graduated summa cum laude from Lesley University in 2019, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Expressive Art Therapy and works as an arts educator for children with multiple disabilities. Katya’s greatest artistic inspiration comes from her students, as she believes art in its purest form lives in the minds of children who still believe in magic. Her first collection of poems, human verses, will be released by Finishing Line Press in March 2021, and is available for preorder in November 2020. You can find Katya on Twitter and Instagram at @zinnvisibleink, or by performing a simple conjuring spell at the next full moon.

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