The Shape of Poetry

I think that trauma isn't something that we necessarily overcome. And I don't think that has to be a pessimistic statement. I think that trauma is something that we learn to live with and make peace with and make peace with living in a universe, in a reality, that's been fundamentally altered. And when somebody denies you your humanity, they quite literally fracture your reality because it splinters, you know, the consciousness creating the universe that you occupy space in. And I hadn't come across anything in my own reading that dealt with trauma in that way. And so I wrote it.”

— on Why We Write podcast (ep 51)

6 Qs with Katya Zinn: On 'human verses,' mental health, and parallel universes

Katya Zinn is no stranger to resilience and acceptance. As a spoken word artist and activist, she tells her stories the best way she knows how — via poetry. Her latest collection of poems titled, Human Verses, is an authentic and unfiltered look at mental health and offers readers a sense of understanding and hope for themselves. By utilizing a poetic lens to discuss her own mental health during a pandemic and the personal effects of police brutality, she allows for her audience to know they are not alone in their journey. Boston Hassle speaks with Zinn about her initial inspirations in creating Human Verses and the importance of poetry being a vessel for social justice.”

— Boston Hassle, March 2021